How to achieve a cartoon-effect in my game like in Sakari Games' Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood

There is a game called Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood created by the Sakari Games who have used Blender and Unity to make their game. I want to achieve the same/close to the same cartoonistic effect they have achieved on their terrain/characters and scenes. If there is a tutorial on the internet that could help me with that, then I would gratefully appreciate it if you could link me in the right direction.

If you know how to do this, please share your knowledge as I am sure there are several others who too want to gain a similar effect. Thank you for taking the time to read my querie.

Kind Regards, Rongos.

Im unsure on how to do it but firstly you could use/make a shader which could do the job, Also get your modelers / texture artists to mode in a way that it looks cell shaded maybe something like this (Not true cell shading but it is decent)..

Either that or shoot Sakari games an email asking how they achieved it.


Well i dont exactly what are you looking for but here a couple of siple to follow tutorials on textures and simple body.

I hope this help you...:)