How to achieve better graphics in Unity URP


I have recently decided to do a new project using Unity. I made an HDRP project for this game because I thought I might want to commercialize it, so I wanted to achieve the best graphics possible. However, my computer could barely run the editor without it being extremely slow and laggy to work with. It kept on crashing. I couldn’t develop my game without it crashing every 2 minutes.

If anybody knows what can be done to help this, please let me know.

Anyways, I decided to redo my project, but in URP. However, I wanted to achieve similar graphics quality to what I had in my HDRP Project.

What can I do to achieve similar graphics as seen in HDRP?

You can take a look at the two differences in graphics quality linked in this post. The first image linked is URP, and the second image linked is HDRP