How to achieve the shader used in MagicaVoxel?

Well, I plan to use voxels for my game so I decided to use MagicaVoxel to handle the modelling, but one thing caught my attention and that was the shader, it managed to make plain colours look great, so I’ve decided that I want to use that style of shading, but have had no luck finding it T_T, and I cant create it as I don’t know how to write shaders.

basically it is a fade in where ever a normal is detected, whether up or down.

Edit: I’m specifically looking for a link to a tutorial or something like that (not asking for anyone to do it for me), I have also noticed a similar shader used in Monument Valley, so I do know it is possible

I think that shadowing effect is Ambient Occlusion:

You can emulate it by setting the vertex colors of the mesh:

And use a vertex lit shader:

There’s some more information about Ambient Occlusion here that some might find interesting: