How to achieve this EXTREMELY SIMPLE task with Mechanim?

Hello, i want to make a veeeery simple thing with mechanim, which i cant find any way to make.
Here is an example:

I want to make an image which rotates at the z-axis 24/7.
And when i hover it, the image shall change color, and keep rotating.

So far, i cant find any solution, because using Mechanim, it is played as a state machine and cannot play multiple states (only transition from state to state).

So, if im in my rotate state and go to the ChangeColor state, then it stops rotating. (if i didn’t make it rotate in my changed color state)

And if i make the ChangeColor state rotate, then the rotation doesn’t look good at the beginning of the transition, because it have to interpolate between the angles.

So is it possible to do that with pure Mechanim?

Mechanim can handle as many states as you like. Check out animation layers.

Put the rotation on the base layer. Put the colour change on layer one. Be sure to set the weight of layer one correctly, otherwise it won’t work.