How to achive Wall distrection and dust effect

Hello everyone.

I need to know what is the methodology to achieve this scenario

When an object hits a wall the wall get collapsed and the dust comes out.

Now the first thing came to my mind is as follows

  • Using Collides sense the collision.
  • then upon collision the wall get destructed and smoke effect gets created.

Correct me if im wrong.

Is this the right way?

and for the wall destruction shall i use animation or just add breaks together and make use of the Physics engine…?

please direct me on the right path to the most effective way to achieve this and its methodology


it all depends on what kind of game are you making and how much processing power can you use but if i was making simple game i would use collision detection to detect collision then i would create particles at the position of the collision and then i would use the particles that would be spawned from the mesh of the wall. for the particles i would make them big so the wall is not so visible to the player and if it is invisable i would use transform.Translate to move the wall downwards and then destroy it after it is gone.

when the wall is really low the particles would t be seen becouse the emmiter/wall would be gone.