How to activate command on all scripts

So basically, I am making a save system for my game. A need to save info in different scripts. Every script has a “public void Save()” which I need to activate when I want to save. So is there a way to set up a “trigger” that everyscript would be monitoring and run “save()” when that trigger is on?

One way i thought would be to create a bool on an empty gameobject, and make every script run “save()” when that bool is true. However, that seems not professional. Do you have any suggestions?

I’m not sure what sort of solution you’re looking for, but you could do something like:

Make a baseclass like SaveableBehaviour that inherits from MonoBehaviour, then have all of your classes you want to have Save() called inherit from that. Then in your Start() function you can add them to a static list that’s looped over in your Save() function.

For example:

public class SaveableBehaviour : MonoBehaviour {
    private static List<SaveableBehaviour> saveables = new List<SaveableBehaviour>();

    void Start() {
    void SaveAll() {
        foreach (SaveableBehaviour saveable in saveables) {
    public void OnDestroy() {

Then have your class inherit from it:

public class MyScript : SaveableBehaviour {
    // Your stuff here

Please note, this is untested and just typed up on here, sorry if there are any dumb mistakes!