How to activate gameObjects based on a boolean from another scene?

Hello! I’m creating a game that includes a campaign mode. I have a button that sends you to a different scene. On the second scene there are 3 buttons; Menu, fail, and succeed. The buttons I press directly correlate to a boolean. I have a DontDestroyOnLoad script, so the boolean already follows you through scenes. My only issue is that I cant figure out how to activate an object based on the boolean in a different scene.

Dont Destroy Script (works): DontDestroy -

–Fail or Succeed script (works): FailOrSucceed -

–Checks for the boolean (Seperated from main script): FailOrSucceedCheck -

In that last pastebin you will find the script that WORKS, but I cant assign anything to. If I assign that script to anything, I don’t get a slot to add a reference. I obviously need the reference, it will throw errors otherwise. I only started coding about a week ago, so I could really use any help I could get. Sorry if this is a dumb question, let me know if you need any more information (I probably missed some.) Thank you!

You can use a static class in your game assets. It doesn’t extenda from Monobeheavour and only has variables and methods. You don’t atach this script to objects, you let it in the script folder.

Imagine your script name is called “GameManajer”

So you can use in the other scripts

Gamemanajer.MyBooleanVariable = true;