How to Activate Random GameObjects? (C#)

I’m using objectpool to instantiate all my prefabs at the start of the game, how do I activate them randomly every 10 seconds?

Example: I have 5 Colors, every 10 seconds 1 Color Shows Up and the last one goes away.
The five colors are instantiated but deactivated. I want to activate them Randomly.

Without a look at the script I’m not sure how much this will help but I’ll have a go. If your pool is an array/list of GameObjects you could use Random.Range() to find a random element: objectPool[Random.Range(0, objectPool.Length)]. If you only want one active object at a time you could then store a reference/index for the current active object so that you can deactivate the current and activate a new GameObject:

    public GameObject[] objectPool;
    private int currentIndex = 0;

    public void NewRandomObject()
        int newIndex = Random.Range(0, objectPool.Length);
        // Deactivate old gameobject
        // Activate new gameobject
        currentIndex = newIndex;

Now to make this happen every 10 seconds you could monitor time yourself in an update, use a Coroutine or you can use Monobehaviour’s InvokeRepeating. Here’s a super quick example of a timer in update:

    float elapsedTime = 0f; // Counts up to repeatTime
    float repeatTime = 10f; // Time taken to repeat in seconds

    private void Update()
        elapsedTime += Time.deltaTime;
        if (elapsedTime >= repeatTime)
            // Do something here
            // Subtract repeat time
            elapsedTime -= repeatTime;

I hope some of that was useful. =)