How to ad a money withdraw option in android game?

Hello there, I am making an android game that rewards users some money i.e $0.003 for completing specific tasks. And when they have completed their money limit i.e $100, they can withdraw the money. Now I want to know how I can implement money withdraw system securely?
Any help in this regard will be highly appreciated.

The most secure way would be to not automate the sending of money. The player requests a withdrawal, which gets recorded on whatever backend server you’re using. A human then reviews each request and processes the withdrawal.

Hello you can use PayPal for this as paypal has its own SDK for unity so you can try it.and also there are several plugins(which are cheap btw) for paypal integration in unity so you can also try them
Just search paypal integration in unity asset store and you will get some plugins.

It not giving me any of my deposits o