How to add a New BootCamp Soldier?

Hey everyone, i’m trying to make a 3rd person shooter using the bootcamp demo as a base, can anyone tell/show me how to add a different character? I’ve made a rigged model, but how would i go to implementing this? And could i add the bootcamp soldier’s animations to it? Thanks.

You can copy + paste soldier_locomotion prefab, position it where you want and remove everything that you doesn’t need from it. That, of course will depend on what role your new soldier will play in the game. If you want it to be a companion, you will need almost everything but, if you want it to work as a enemy, you will need to remove almost everything.

Keep in mind that the soldier_locomotion is a prefab that involves basically a soldier and a camera. The soldier_locomotion position is relative to both. You will need to position the copy taking its soldier element position in consideration.