How to add a new Class in YoloV8 example

Thanks for providing Sentis to the community and providing this example for giraffe detection : unity/sentis-YOLOv8n · Hugging Face
This works great !
I wanted to know if instead of Giraffe i want to detect some other class - Say an object X , how can i do that. I tried adding this label in the classes.txt and dragged it to label asset and and added new asset video (X.mp4 ) and also changed this : const string videoName = “X.mp4”; in the YoloV8n.cs class. But It is not detecting the object X.
Please let me know what else i need to do.
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You can’t just add a new class in Unity. You must also train a new model, because this one is based on the COCO Dataset and has a specific range of classes

Hello @immFX any link to documentation?

ok thanks, and can you please suggest how will I create a .sentis model? as as per this(unity/sentis-YOLOv8n at main) we need to have yolov8n.sentis model .

.sentis model is a serialized version of a imported model.
you can do that with the button Serialize To StreamingAssets or ModelWriter.Save
If you import a onnx file it converts that to a sentis IR model which you can serialize to a .sentis file

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Thanks @alexandreribard_unity I am trying this.