How to add a ring around my character?

I found a png of a blue circle with a transparent background, but I’m blanking out on the correct way to implement this as a child object for my character game object. I simply want to be able to enable/disable the blue ring around the character. No collision, special effects, nothing
If you’re not sure what I mean by a blue circle:

Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

You can do two things:

A. Make a simple plane with the blue ring as it’s texture (the white parts have to be transparent), and then just make this gameobject a child of your character. Inside your character’s script, when you want to enable or disable it, your just use

    var ringObject : GameObject;
    ringObject.renderer.enabled = true;
    ringObject.renderer.enabled = false;

I think you also have to choose the right shader (transparent).

B. Model a 3D ring with a plain blue texture and use it the same way as the plane (Obviously, it will have more faces so it’ll be not as efficient, but maybe useful in some circumstances where an actual 3D-model, as opposed to a flat plane, is required).