How to add a script in the "Observed" variable of a "Network view" ?

I am using "Networking" official example by Unity. I try to create a character similar to Network Person Player (prefab).

In this prefab, there are 2 network views, each one refering to the prefab itself, but with a specific script. I tried to drop a script on my own network view but it doesn't work.

This is what I get :

alt text

How can I do the same as in Networking example ? (I have searched forum and answers but I am still stuck)

The script has to be attached to this gameobject, and then you drag the script to the observed field (don't drag it from the project, actually drag it from the inspector of the same object).

Add the script to the game object first, then drag the added script using the heading in the inspector to the Observed slot (rather than directly from the project listing).