How to add a "sticker" on a prefab?

To express myself i proceed by example:
Imagine i have a table prefab: a table with a strange design but with a flat surface on top.

In the application i stretch on the Z axis the table, so that the surface is always on top and “not stretched”.

Now my table has a black material on it.

My goal is to add a sticker to it. Imagine i add the “THIS SIDE UP” sticker that we stick on parcels.

I think the simplest way to achieve what i want is to create a custom material dedicated to my table and add the sticker (baiscally a png) in the material.

How to perform this? Please provide me some pointers (create material for a complex shape, add fixed size image to it…).


There is a demo from Unity about decals. Search for it or see other solutions but the word you need to search is Decal.

Thanks a lot for the pointer.

THe Decal is now replaced by the Standard Shader as it is stated here Unity - Manual: Decal

I also found this asset

Now i have more options, thanks!