How to add a transition between scenes?

How would I create a transition between scenes which will slide the second scene into the first one? I’m attempting to make a transition, but my method might be completely inefficient. I’m attempting this between two scenes: Main menu, and an option inside the menu

I already thought about it and came up with the following solution: When loading the main menu scene, it will also load the second scene already (which is called the Select Scene in this moment) using Application.LoadLevelAdditive However, I’ve got animations in the second scene, so here comes the first problem: I will need to freeze the second screen which has been loaded into the first scene.

Anyway, when that’s done and the user clicks on the desired button to go to the second scene (Select Scene), I will move the Select Scene in front of the Main Menu Scene (first scene) (an animation, moving the x-index to the desired coordinates). When that’s done, the gameobjects of the first scene will be removed.

It all sounded like a great plan, but most likely a very stupid plan.

How would I do this in an efficient way?

The two parts of the menu should probably be in the same scene. And you whole main menu would typically be in one scene.

That way you have full control over transitions and animations, etc.