How to add an AudioClip to an AssetBundle in Unity 5?

Hello, prior to Unity 5 I was able add an AudioClip to an AssetBundle. In Unity 5, when I try to LoadAsset of an AudioClip on a bundle created with Unity 4 it returns the AudioClip but it doesn’t play, nor does it load when I call AudioClip.LoadAudioData (it returns false).

In the docs for Unity 5 LoadAsset it says that individual components cannot be retrieved; you must first load the GameObject and then look for the desired component. However, you cannot add an AudioClip as a component of a GameObject (its not a component).

So, how do I package up AudioClips into AssetBundles? Right now I have hundreds of individual AssetBundles that contain relevant Animations and AudioClips. This system worked great for Unity 4.

I’m unsure how to proceed. Anyone have an clues/tips? Thanks!

Note: Figured it out. Add an AudioSource component to the GameObject, and then point the AudioSource.clip to the AudioClip. Add this AudioSource to the GameObject, do a CreatePrefab on the GameObject and then add that returned prefab to the AssetBundle.