How to Add Analytics Tracker Component to GameObject

I expect my problem is a project configuration issue but I have to ask: how do I add an Analytics Tracker Component to a GameObject? I would expect it to be the typical “click the ‘Add Component’ button in the inspector” routine but when I search for “Analytics Tracker”, “Analytics” or “Tracker” I get no results for components to add.

I have enabled analytics and linked my Unity project to my dashboard. All looks well in the dash and in my code I can use the UnityEngine.Analytics package (my scripts are C#). I’m using Unity 5.4.2f2 Personal. I just enabled Analytics on this project which has been around for awhile but I’ve also tried with a test project that had Analytics enabled from the start and I’m not able to find the Analytics Tracker component in that project either.

What do I need to be able to add the Analytics Tracker component to GameObjects in my projects?

did you ever figure this out ?

I am having the same issue.