How to Add and Control multiple texture on mesh?

hi, I need a technique to apply multiple texture on mesh,
and also easy to control for player.
I mean to moving, rotating and scaling the texture.

so I’m trying to make fashion designer game,
player can use multiple texture from asset,
and can modify the position.

the question is, what keyword that I need to search for this technique,
so far I find Decal can solve this problem,
but is it the right solution? is there any technique for this?

Hi @Softpol,

You can put multiple textures inside the same UV Texture, you would have to create a custom uv mapping for it. For example, divide your uv into 4 subtextures, each containing their own texture.

You’ll have to write your own shader, have a look at the shader examples. You would have to define your own areas of the mesh for different textures as well. If you want to have predefined mesh areas, you could split your mesh accordingly and use the standard materials. If not, well then you would have to split the mesh dynamically. Maybe with Raycasts etc.

Be careful, though, as your dress mesh is folded in, so you would either have to uv map from view, or you’ll have a folded texture as well

Once you have your basic assignment done, you can move/rotate the texture by updating the uv coordinates of your mesh