How to add Animation Events in the Timeline editor?


I’m testing the new Timeline in Unity 2017.1
It’s very easy to use but I didn’t found how to add Animation Events or call a method from the timeline.


Starting with Unity 2019.1, this is the official way of sending events from the Timeline:

The new timeline editor does not support events.

You can find the official answer on the forums here:

The suggested workaround is

to poll the state and/or time members
of PlayableDirector from a

A bit more detail for an overview of adding script events.

just create separate animation track and right click on that track select open in animator.
after that you can very easy add animation event like normal animation.

Create an empty object and disable it. Add a script to it with what you want happening on start. Add an activation task that starts when you would like the script to fire, and activate the disabled object.

Isn’t it right where it always been?

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