How to add animations to my rigged 3d model

Hello. I have imported rigged model into unity without animations. I have downloaded some fbx animations from internet. Now how can i add those animations to drive my rigged 3d model?

Ok let me explain to you how you solve your problem other way. So you have for example your humanoid model without any animations (A) and other fbx with animations you want to use (B).

Instead of having 2 different humanoid models in your project what you can do is to duplicate animations you need from (B) model


(Click on animation clip you want to duplicate in your Project Panel and press CTRL + D)

When you’re done, you can remove (B) model from project and apply animations you just duplicated to your model (A) using Animator Controller you created for your (A) model.

Follow These Step to Apply Animation on your rigged character …

1.Creat Animator controller
2.Drag Your character in hierarchy and select
3.Go to inspector and apply animator controller in Avatar(Under Animation)
4.Double click on Animator Controller you can get new window .
5.Drag your animation file and click play you will get played your animation.

Note : for those steps you need to make humanoid after that its work.

look up the character animation tutorials on unity and it will help you build the animations into the character. you’ll need a controller for that. this is for the step after this.