How to add any component into a list

I need help with lists.
I often find myself confused when trying to put things other than game objects into a list. For example, I want to use

public List<Image> images;

and look at all of them and get their Color component, but I can’t figure it out.
So, instead, I have to change each one individually

    chageColor1.GetComponent<Image>().color = customeColorDarkColor;
    chageColor2.GetComponent<Image>().color = customeColorDarkColor;
    chageColor3.GetComponent<Image>().color = customeColorDarkColor;
    chageColor1.GetComponent<Image>().color =;
    chageColor2.GetComponent<Image>().color =;
    chageColor3.GetComponent<Image>().color =;

Which is annoying.
I also run into this problem with lists with KeyCodes or anything you can put into a list.

So, if you can help, that would be appreciated.
Thank You.

Maybe you could accomplish this by using an array and a for loop instead of a list. Something along the lines of this:

Image[] images;
void Awake ()
    Image[] images = {
public void UpdateColors ()
    for (int i = 0; i < images.Length; i++)
        images[i].color =;