How To Add Button Images To GUIText?

I am very bad at explaining things so I made a sample to show what I am trying to accomplish:

So basically I am trying to do that with a GUIText. I don’t want to make a texture for this because I want to have customizeable controls in my game. Is this possible?

i am pretty sure that this is just possible with gui.texture,
but that shouldn´t be a problem, even if oyu have customizeable control in your game.

for example you could save the controlls in a static class
texture2d buttonB;
texture2d buttonB;

shoot = buttonA,
jump = buttonB,


and when the player changes the controll you change shoot and jump
shoot = buttonB;
jump = buttonA;

you can take these values for your gui, so you don´t draw the buttonA or buttonB texture, instead you draw the “shoot” or “jump” texture.

hopefully it´s clear (my english is not the best)