How to add collider to a Torus object

I have a ring is a torus looking object. I need a collider to make it act like ring. How can i achive that ?


Ring has mesh collider on it with Convex is enabled.

Here is a video for demonstration for problem. - YouTube

Stick has capsule collider if you are wondering.

If there isn’t already a torus collider then you can use a Mesh Collider.

A MeshCollider would probably work. As for making the torus look good, that’s subjective, what do you mean by looking bad? I’m guessing you mean the hard edges due to the low number of triangles. You can try changing the smoothing angles and see how that looks. Smoothing Angle on FBXImporter-Model

Go to Components.
Add Mesh Collider.

If you have lots of toruses (torusii?), use a box collider to save on performance

And yes! There is! Download a program called Blender and torus is one of the basic first access shapes. Then simply export it to Unity

Hi sorry for late but may be it helps to someone else.Have a look to this attached asset link.