How to add Color to my terrain

i need to know how to add color and trees to a terrain for a game set in the prehistoric eras called Hunter:Outcast oh and someone helping me with my sun script would help because i know nothing about c#, JS or Boo

“maybe if you don’t know how to script or read a help file you shouldn’t be making a game…”

I must disagree with this and encourage you to have a go, the one great place you can start to learn to program is making a game, making mistakes won’t hurt anyone, there’s a great community and loads of resources to get you started, is good, just go slow and follow every instruction to the letter, get it working then go back and try and change things you think you sort of understand and see if it breaks, does what you want, or does something else, work out why, learn, repeat, fail, repeat, the immediate gratification of seeing something you made move around the screen is a thrill, the power something like Unity unlocks to even the casual use is immense and the trend for strong stories with less emphasis on wow graphics means the market is ripe for creative types to get into the game :slight_smile:

Hey, one question at a time. Add a seperate question for the sun script. To add colour to your terrain simply go into inspector for your terrain and click the paint terrain button. Then add some textures and click on your terrain to paint it. To add trees create a tree prefab then go into inspector for your terrain and click on the tree creator button. Add your tree prefab and just click to place trees. Try looking here for more info: One note, maybe if you don't know how to script or read a help file you shouldn't be making a game...

Good Luck!

I would recommend the flare pack available on Unity's website if you're looking to create a sun. Apply the sun flare as a material on a point or directional light. If you're referring to a script for a working sun that travels across the sky and alters time of day, there's a series of video tutorials on the subject available on that explain it thoroughly.