How to Add Component from Inspector window to child in Hierarchy window ?

Hello all !
I have recently started Creator Kit: RPG project. Everything is going on fine. But after I created a Roof for my house and then we started the fading effects, they asked me to Add Box Collider 2D to the Houseroof. The message is like this,

“Search for “Box Collider 2D” and add this to HouseRoof”

Houseroof is the child component of Objects in the Hierarchy window.

I cannot add the Box Collider 2D to the HouseRoof in the Hierarchy Window. When I click The Box Collider 2D and Fading Sprite ( Script ) in ADD COMPONENT, it is only seen in the Inspector Window. I am not able to drag it to the Hierarchy window to the Houseroof child component.

I also have another error.

Sprite Tiling might not appear correctly because the Sprite used is not generated with Full Rect or Sprite mode is set to Polygon mode. To fix this, change the Mesh Type in the Sprite’s import settings to Full Rect and Sprite mode is Single or Multiple.

I’m a complete beginner in Unity. Kindly help. Thanks !

Regarding your first problem: If the HouseRoof says that is has BoxCollider2D in the inspector window then it should be applied to the object and you should be all good to go. The BoxCollider2D doesn’t show up in the hierarchy, only the inspector. If you’re wondering how to put the BoxCollider2D onto the HouseRoof component, click the component in the hierarchy window and then use ADD COMPONENT to add the BoxCollider2D.

Thanks blinkafrootable ! I was wondering why Box Collider 2D didn’t show up in the Hierarchy window. Now, I understood. Thanks again !