How to add Force on Puck in Air Hockey game

I am making Air hockey game and when i am applying force on to the puck through paddle the paddle move by finger position and puck move are intersecting each other…

I have made a similar game and solved the penetration problems…

There are a few things that cause interpenetration:

  1. Make sure your hockey paddles and pucks are the correct scale. The default cube is 1m x 1m x 1m, so scale down the pieces otherwise your forces will be extreme.

  2. Continuous collision only works for cube and sphere and capsule shapes. Mesh colliders won’t work, flat cylinder shapes won’t work either. So make your puck and paddles colliders out of many smaller shapes, rather than 1 cylinder (e.g. create 6 invisible spheres within your puck mesh, each sphere with a sphere collider)

  3. To interact with the physics world you must use physics functions, so instead of .transform use
    .rigidbody.movePosition( new Vector3 ( slideMagnitudeY, 0, -slideMagnitudeX) ) ;

  4. It is best to move an object via a spring joint or mouse joint (create an invisible ‘hand’ object that moves with the mouse, connect this to the paddle with a joint). That way the physics engine will be able to solve the scene in it’s own way, giving you much more accurate results.

I changed Collision Setting…
and i am setting paddle position with Raycasting from camere like whera i touch via raycast transform position will be set there…
For moving Paddle i am using

else if(touch.phase == TouchPhase.Moved)
LeftFingerMoveBy = touch.position - LeftFingerPos;
//dir = (touch.position - LeftFingerPos).normalized; //Direction…

			LeftFingerPos = touch.position;
			slideMagnitudeX = LeftFingerMoveBy.x / Screen.width;
			slideMagnitudeY = LeftFingerMoveBy.y / (Screen.height-200);