how to add game object to custom class with for loop

I’m trying to add a series of game objects to my list, but when I add them only one prefab is added to list the number of times I want.
When I debug it, it shows the names of all the prefabs I wanted but doesn’t add them to the list.

   //the list of game pieces
        public List<pieceList> piecesList = new List<pieceList>();
    void Start()
            //for the components/vaibles in my custom class
            pieceList pieceInfo = new pieceList();
            //this instantiates the game pieces 
            for (int i = 0; i < 2; i++)
                pieceInfo.gPiece =  (GameObject)Instantiate(Resources.Load("gamePiece" + i), this.transform);
                pieceInfo.currPos = 0;
                pieceInfo.newPos = 0;

it shows “gamePiece1” but I want it to have gamePiece0 and gamePiece1.

Looks like you’re just updating the .gPiece of your pieceInfo object. Try generating a new pieceInfo object each time or make the .gPiece an array and index it during the loop.

As CmdrZin said, you are just resetting the gPiece of the same class, instead of creating new ones. In the for loop, you need to have the line pieceList pieceInfo = new pieceList(); as well. @bellwether