How to add hands in first person view

Hei! I"m beginner and i really need help… I have 1 person camera and i can walk, but how can i add hands? I want to see “my” hands too. I imported first person hands package but i don"t know how to use it :frowning: I found here one question like this too but the helpful link was old and it wont open. Maybe someone can help me?

Hi SiiSiStella

I’ll describe a simple way in which you can do this.

In your first person hands package, there should be a file in there with an extension of “.prefab”.

This is a prefab meaning that you can drag the model into the scene with its materials and other necessary components already attached.

I believe that a lot of Unity assets require prefabs to be included, so I am only assuming that this package has a prefab for the hands.

You can find the prefab by looking through the files of the package that you’ve imported, when selecting each one, the name of the file along with the extension is displayed at the bottom of the project explorer window.

Like this:


Once you’ve placed your hands prefab in the scene (by dragging the prefab file from the project window into the scene), you then need to position them in front of the player camera accordingly.

If you look at the top you should have tabs for “scene”, “asset store” and “game”. Depending on your layout, drag the game tab outward to the left or right of the scene window so you can view the game window and the scene window at the same time.

Like this:


The game window is showing what the view looks like from the main player camera so we can use this as a reference to position your hands correctly. Once you’ve positioned your hands correctly to the main camera using the game window, you then need to parent them to the player camera.

If you look at your player object in the hierarchy, it should be labelled “FPSController”. Click on the drop down arrow and this should reveal another object attached to it entitled “First person character”. First person character is the main camera for the player, and we want to parent the hands so they move with the player camera.

Find your hands prefab in the hierarchy and click, hold and drag the hands prefab onto the FirstPersonCharacter object.

If you want to know whether or not the hands are attached to the camera properly, the FirstPersonCharacter object should now have a drop down arrow to which you can click on this to reveal the hands object. Your hands are now parented to the main player camera.

The hands will now move with the main player camera, no matter what direction you’re facing and what position you are in.

Hope this helps.