How to add information box in unity?

I want to add information window on button click to be used in mobile games something similar like dialog box in android. I want to display information like privacy policy and reference some resources.

In addition is there anything like webview in android?

Please suggest the best practice to do it. Thanks in advance.

I would just create a dialog window UI with Unity UI, probably also make it a prefab as well, and set its style as needed. So for example a Panel for the background of it all, a Text for title, an optional Image for a separator, another Text component for the content, and 2 Buttons for OK and Cancel functionality.

For referencing resources you can use other Buttons with a transparent image component (leaving just the Text), and calling Application.OpenURL() when clicked.

As far as I know there is no built-in webview functionality in Unity, but this project seems promising.