How to add items to inventory ingame and equip?

I’m not quite sure how to go about adding items without creating a separate script for all of my items. I’m currently using a json file to store my item info and a function to add different items to the inventory. As far as equipping goes, I’m pretty lost. If I could get help with either system I’d be grateful.

There Are quite a few YouTube tutorials.

In general you want all items to share a common base class they inherit from.

So you’ll have

Class items : monobehavior

Class weapons : items

Class potions : items

Class sword : weapons

So sword is a weapon, a weapon is a item so sword is also as item.

Then you have equipped be items and use checks to ensure it’s allowed.


Equip (item toEquip)
If (toEquip.type != weapon) 

Equipped = toEquip;

Let me know if this doesn’t make sense, Google inheritance as well for help understanding how classes inherit other classes.

How you have a parent class like item, a child class like weapon, which is itself a parent of the child class sword