How to Add more than 2 levels?

After I do the
int currentLvl=0;
Application.LoadLevel(currentLvl +1); It does change the scene but it neve loads the third part coz somehow the currentLvl remains to zero…

If you use Application.LoadLevel(currentLvl + 1) it will load the scene with index 1, but it doesn’t change the ‘currentLvl’ variable. You would have to change that after the level loads.

You can use Application.loadedLevel as well, which will always be the index of the level loaded.

You have to increment the “currentLvl” variable. If you initialize it at 0 and then never change it, it will always be 0.

** ** First check whether all the scenes were included in the build settings.

** ** then use Application.Loadlevel (“enter your scene name”)

** ** Hope This method may help you …

** ** any doubt just comment me … thank you …