How to add multiple levels?

I’m making a really simple roll a ball game that as of now has only 1 level. I wish to add many more levels to make it more fun, but I am really confused on how to do that. I tried simply to create another scene and edit it independently, but it quickly turned into a mess.

Is there and easier way to add levels to a game?

Well to start with you could use File/Save scene as to save your scene under a new name and begin editing a new level from there so that you can keep all of your settings.

Also if you go into File/Build Settings you can tell unity what maps you want to be able to load.

Then you can use the Application.LoadLevel(“LevelName”) function to load whichever level you want by name. You can also do Application.LoadLevel(0) to load levels based on their place in the build settings array.

Sorry for not knowing the exact code, but a suggestion that will make it look cool is once you collect all the cubes on a given level, make the current plane something that you can fall through, then you will fall onto another.

@Sgt.moose most easy way is duplicate and change.Way to duplicate is"click on Level 01 and press Ctrl+D