How to add new layers to imported PSD character rigs after rigging (without breaking them)?


Adding stuff afterwards to a character rig imported from PSD seems to mess the sprites in the rig very easily. For example, let's say I have a character with a hand open sprite and after rigging the character, I want to add a "hand in fist"-sprite afterwards. Currently when I do this, the rig imports, but sprites are in wrong places and from incorrect layers.

How can I add new layers without breaking the rigged character? What is the recommended workflow to achieve this? I think it is an essential workflow feature that one would be able to add layers to the PSD in addition to modifiying them.

A simple feature to do this would be better tracking of layer names: if I keep the layer names constant and unique through the imports, PSD importer would always keep the links even though new layer data is added. This doesn't seem to happen currently.

If anyone else has ideas on how now to break the rig, I would love have ideas.

Hello @herra_lehtiniemi

Just to confirm, are you using the PSD Importer with .PSD files?
I tried to reproduce this issue but could not.
Could you describe in detail what you do in order to have this issue appearing?

I will try to create a simple repro project as I bump into the issue along my current project. Thanks for the quick reply!

Sounds good!
We also recently released a really good video on YouTube explaining different ways of working with the PSD Importer. Have a look, and maybe you will find an answer to your problem:

Thanks, I will! Happy to see that modifying PSB after the rigging is implemented functionality. I perhaps happened to bump into some special case scenario. Could also be a matter of duplicate layer names - I'll check into that as well. I'll get back to this. Thanks again!

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