How to add ParticleSystem in point where CollisionTrigger2D touch another?

How to add ParticleSystem in point where CollisionTrigger touch another?

i have a 2dCollision Trigger and when touch another collision need to create a particle system in the point where its touching.

how do that?

Create a prefab for your particle effect.
Create the effect, and assign it to the prefab. save it somewhere handy like…

when you get your collision trigger, there is usually a variable called .point
you can use that point to instantiate your particle effect at that point.

public vfx myParticleEffect; // drag your partice effect prefab onto this public variable…
Then in your collision callback routine… jsut do this… easy :slight_smile:

GameObject fx = (GameObject) instantiate(myParticleEffect, collision.point, Quaturnion.identity);

or something prett close to that… should work great.