How to add .properties files to apk root programmatically?

I’m having an issue with the SamsungApps inApp purchase library (plasma). The code works as expected, but it looks that Unity is dropping all the localization files of the plasma.jar when building the apk.

Plasma library uses .properties files placed under a “l18n” folder in the apk root. I was able to check it by unpacking the apk generated by the sample code distributed with the SDK. The apk I build with unity misses the l18n folder and the dialogs only present me the string used as id.

I cannot alter the plasma sdk to use another localization method, so I’m trying to add the l18n folder in my apk through unity.

@dcariola , any updates? Btw, would you consider sharing the plugin or putting it to asset store?

How about now? is your code doing what it should do? And is it possible with “split application binary” enabled?

Would be nice if you could share your work :slight_smile: