How to add score when destroy another player with Raycast?

I making some multiplayer deathmatch game that is playing on the same keyboard shared by 3 players.
I want to make some scoring sistem, but i dont know:
-How could i check which player have destroyed another player?

In the other words:
-How could i check who have sent last raycast before target have been destroyed?

Do you have some idea? :))

“same keyboard shared by 3 players”
Sounds messy ha ha.

To get a proper answer we’d need to see your code and how attacking one another is set up.

Other than that I, personally, would put a check within the

 if (physics.raycast (me, aim, dist, out Hit){
    hit.takedamage bla bla
    if (!Hit.transform.gameObject.activeInHierarchy){


 if (Hit.transform.gameObject.GetComponent<CodeName>().isDead){

Like I said, hard to answer without more information from you.

Yes, it’s messy a bit and it’s playing with left hand only :wink: , i love it!

That is a code i was looking for but problem is that it doesn’t work, actually nothing happen, even Debug.Log not working after i destroy someone.

This is my shooting function code:

void Shoot()
if (CanShoot())
Ray ray = new Ray(spawn.position, spawn.forward);
RaycastHit hit;

        float shootDistance = Random.Range(22, 24);

        if (Physics.Raycast(ray, out hit, shootDistance))
            shootDistance = hit.distance;
            hit.transform.SendMessage("Cmd_ApplyDamage", TheDamage, SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver);
            //hit.transform.SendMessage("BulletRayShoot", TheDamage, SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver);

            if (hit.transform.gameObject.GetComponent<Hunter>().isDead || !hit.transform.gameObject.activeInHierarchy)
                if( == "Player1")
                    Debug.Log("Is anybody out there?"); //guess not...

        nextPossibleShootTime = Time.time + secondsBetweenShots;