How to add some element in the scene of a Camera

I’m beginner and I want to develop a aircraft simulator with first person view and third person view. I have import the airplane model and set the cameras.

----Now I want to display the longitude/latitude/altitude in the scene of both cameras. How to do? GUI Label?
Please tell me in details. 3Q!

----how to make instrument panel in the camera to indicate angle of pitch? Is there anything that can help?

PS: Unity 4.6 UGUI environment

private float longitude; //assign the planes x, y, and z values in update for these variables
private float latitude;
private float altitude;

void OnGUI() {
   GUI.Label (new Rect (25, 25, 100, 30), "Longitude: " + longitude + " Latitude: " + latitude + " Altitude: " + altitude);

Pitch is based on the rotation of the plane, so it’s the same principle.