How to add special alphanumeric keys to InputManager ?

Hello guys,

I used to look at other people’s answers in order to find mines but today I cannot find this one.

I’m trying to access to specific keys like “&” or “é” (which are keys “1” and “2” on AZERTY keyboards) with Input.GetButtonDown(), but I just can’t add them to the inputManager.

I tried with differents keys as the “a” key in order to check if my script was OK and it worked, but when I try to add a special alphanumeric key in the Inputmanager the key I just tapped disapeared.

Have you any ideas guys ?

Thanks in advance !

edit: OP confirms answer below is working.

The input manager will only accept key names it recognizes. You can enter something it doesn’t recognize, but it will disappear when you click away. As far as I know, there is nothing you can do about that.

Have you tested to see if the traditional QWERTY keycodes work with your AZERTY?
In other words, instead of &, try 1 ?