How to address foot slip with Mixamo walk animation

I’m playing with a walking animation from Mixamo, and the character is showing massive foot slip. I’ve tried this with root motion from the animation, as well as root motion through a script (OnAnimatorMove).

I don’t understand how the movement distance is calculated. The translation amount is way too small. The animation looks fine on Mixamo’s site.
I’m using “in-place” animations.

Any suggestions as to where to look?

Well - the simple fix is use root motion instead. Fixes this problem pretty much completely.

Probably though - you need to calculate the distance and control via code is important for the design, so (guess) the translation amount just needs to be tweaked until it looks right.

Thanks for the answer. As I mentioned, I am using root motion via script (OnAnimatorMove in the controller). The AIThirdPersonController gives the rigidbody a velocity as a result.

Is this a defect in the animation then? Or is there some configuration I’m missing on my end.