How to adjust the speed of an object?

I got this script that makes it so then a game object travels through certain transforms. I didn’t make this and I’m not familiar with C#, so I don’t know how to make a variable that adjusts the speed. So, can anybody let me know how I can change the speed with a variable? Here is the script:

public class randomMovement : MonoBehaviour {
    //Here I am defining a new array called "targets", with an array length of 3.
    //This means that there will be 3 transforms in my array.
    //I can assign these in the inspector window.
    public Transform[] targets = new Transform[3];
    //Here I am defining an int variable which i can use to change the current "targets" transform to use.
    public int curTarget = 0;
    void Update() {
       //Check if we are within 1 unit of our target (reduces risk of error - object could miss target which is what causes yours to circle the target)
       if((transform.position - targets[curTarget].transform.position).magnitude < 1f) {
         //When we are within one unit of target, switch to the nex target(or the next transform in the array).
         //When our current target reaches the length of the array, we will loop it back to 0 so that it repeats.
         if(curTarget > 2) {
          curTarget = 0;
       //Move forwards
       transform.Translate(Vector3.forward * 3.0f * Time.deltaTime);
       //Always look at the current target

just add a public var for movement speed (i.e. add this line of code at line 6 of your code : )

public float MoveSpeed = 3.0f;

and change line 20 to this :

transform.Translate(Vector3.forward * MoveSpeed * Time.deltaTime);