How to adjust two colliders really close to each other w/o them colliding?



I am building blocks on top of each other. Now when I play this block, I activate the rigid bodies on each block so that they obey the laws of physics. In order make building these blocks on top of each other easy, I have made an editor script to check for collisions which is this

private static bool CheckCollisionBetweenTwoColliders (Collider c1, Collider c2)
		{	return true; }
		else { return false; }


Now, lets say that the two colliders intersect - I want to adjust the colliders in such a way that they lay exactly on top of each other.

Is it possible?

Thank you for your time.



You could always attach a second collider to each object that is larger, and is set to be a trigger. You could use these colliders to detect ‘close calls’.