How to adjust volume/pitch of audio clips independently?

I have a GameObject that has a script attached to it with two public audio clip variables. The GameObject has a Audio Source attached to it as well. As of now I can’t control the pitch/volume/priority of the two audio clips independently. How can I control these variables independently?

Create a class for your clips with the additional information.
Create an array of this class and populate it in the Inspector.
Call a function with an index parameter to set up the audio source for the clip to play.

public class Sound
	public var clip : AudioClip;
	public var volume : float;
	public var pitch : float;

public var mySounds : Sounds;

function PlayClip( i : int )
	audio.clip = mySounds*.clip;*

_ audio.volume = mySounds*.volume;_
_ audio.pitch = mySounds.pitch;