How to Align Texture on 2D Hex Mesh - UV?

I have a hexagon model that is what a hex would look like if was orthogonally projected, so essentially the model is smushed a bit. I want to put a simple skewed hexagon 2D texture onto it.

Here’s the a top down ortho view of the hex.
alt text

And here’s what the texture looks like.
alt text

The blank space around the text is totally transparent. I figured since the texture and the model are the same orientation it would basically just clip down perfectly, as if a projector was above the model aiming down onto it. However, when I apply the texture to the model with a material, it is rotated. :frowning:

Like this:

alt text

It seems that the rectangular texture is being rotate to line up with the sloped bottom line, or more accurately its probably being skewed in UV to match it. Sadly, I don’t remember much about UV stuff and its been ages since I’ve done any. I made the hex in Rhino3D and exported it. I don’t really know how or even if you can UV map in Rhino, though I do have 3DS downloaded (no idea how to do most things in it). So, is there a simple solution in Unity? Or could anyone recommend some total “for dummies” level stuff on lining up textures and UV mapping? I’m not 100% what I need to do here.

Ideally, I could keep the texture files this way (with all that blank space around them) as it makes keeping the “perspective” and such much simpler than drawing with skewed “up” and such. However, if that needs to change I s’pose it needs to change.

Thanks so much for the help.

Here’s the mesh:

Hey there.

The problem is indeed your UV. See the top left vertice of the square, in the middle of hex, it’s UV is probably something like (0.25, 1.0). Note the y == 1.0, which means it’s going for the top of your texture, where it’s transparent.

Anyway, you canset the texture straight in photoshop / gimp, or use max to redo the UV. If you don’t know max, it won’t be easy to explain without picture, but you probably can find tutos about it. In short, you need a planar uv map on the correct axis (I suspect y, in max).

PS : or upload your mesh, I’ll fix that in no time.

Good luck !