How to alter Vignetting value on Vignette and Chromatic Aberration via C# Script

I’m trying to change the value of “Vignetting” in the Image Effects script: Vignette and Chromatic Aberration.

For some reason, it’s acting like the parameter does not exist or that I do not have access to it.

I’ve tried some other solutions but with no luck.

Noteworthy Code:

using UnityStandardAssets.ImageEffects;
vis = GetComponentInChildren<VignetteAndChromaticAberration>();
vis.Vignetting = value; // <--- Doesn't Work

The error says “there is no definition for Vignetting” in the component.

Anyone have any ideas?

If anyone else finds themselves here, the solution is to edit the “intensity” instead. It’s on a scale from 0 to 1.

I can’t seem to get this to work…
No errors but no change either:

		_fps.GetComponentInChildren<VignetteAndChromaticAberration> ().intensity = 10;