how to always display line numbers in uniscite

Hi, new to Unity, and using PCs. Every time I open a script to look at it, it always displays without line numbers. I have to go to view/line numbers to turn it on. And when I close the editor, and later go back to another script, the line numbers are not there.

Is there a way to permanently set the line numbers so it always display? Thanks for your help.

Open the folder where you installed Unity. Browse the sub-folders Unity/Editor/Data/Tools/UniScITE/ and open "" with a text editor (e.g wordpad).

The second section in there is called "#Sizes and Visibility in edit pane", remove the "#" at the beginning of the next line saying "#line.margin.visible = 1" so it is not commented out anymore.

Close UniScITE and open it again, the line numbers should be visible by default now.

You could do that oxl says, but i would recommand using visual studio when you are programming C# on windows. works very nice and the intellisense is great!