How to Animate a hand in unity 3d

hello me and my friends are making a game and i want to know if i can animate a gun and hand in unity 4, because it says that now you can animate in unity and i already have a gun and hand rigged in BLENDER 3D but i dont want to use that to animate, so can some one make a tutorial or give me a tutorial link so i can follow. please help me

You can animate on a per element basis inside unity, but the software doesn’t feature a good animation toolset. It shall take you less time to build your clips inside of blender and then export, plus you’ll find more resources online.

And to answer your original question, I don’t think you can easily pose a character but you can somewhat work inside a graph editor : Unity - Manual: Using Animation Curves

How do i import a rigged/ bone model into unity from blender, and what format