How to animate a model that doesn't have arms or legs (just feet and hands)

If you know Rayman, that’s sort of what I’m going for. Or CubeWorld.

I have a 6 piece model, Head, body, 2 Feet, 2 Hands. I want to Rigid skin this model (no deformation) in Unity.

As I understand the picture below and the methods, I should use a humanoid skeleton (because that’s what it is). Should I just include the bones anyway, and not weight them to anything? IE: Put a head bone in the head, but a neck bone in the empty space between? Put Upper arm bones on the shoulder with no vertex weights, and then a forearm bone floating, and then the hand in the hand?

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yes you can do it put all the body parts inside an empty game object and set it pivote and make the aninmation using the windows → animation
and controlling all the animation through mechanam …