How to animate child object independently from parent's object?

I need to make a simple reload animation, where the AK47 is the parent, and the Hands are the child.

How can I move the Hands freely without controlling the AK47 and all child objects?

Just as a clear image, I need to rotate the AK 47, and while it is rotated, I move the hands freely to remove magazine, etc.


Look into IK, the weapon should not be the parent of the hands. The right hand should be the parent to the weapon, the weapon should be the primary parent of the ammo container (clip) and the left hand should only be parented to the arm like normal.

The left hand will be IK locked to the weapon until the reload animation happens. When the reload happens the left hand should be disconnected (IK) from the weapon and move to the clip, the clips parent will change from the weapon to the left hand - reload animation happens. When the clip is returned to the weapon the parent of the clip will be changed back to the weapon, and the left hand will IK back to the weapon.

Research IK and changing parent objects via code.