How to apply a render texture from a camera to a sprite for an object with sprite renderer

So, similar to what you do with a 3D object and textures, is it possible to apply what the camera is capturing to a sprite to be used in an object with a sprite renderer?


What you need is a render texture, here is a video about it: How to make a Minimap in Unity - YouTube

Hi @UpgradeYourPisi as far as I know (and if I’m wrong, someone please correct me) a render texture can only be used directly with a material. You can, through code, convert the render texture to a texture2D, then convert that to a sprite. Here’s another answers post which is doing just that.

This isn’t an optimal solution, however, since its takes processing time to do the conversion. Instead, I would ask you to consider if its possible to use a game object (with mesh filter/renderer) instead. This way you can assign a material (which uses the render texture) and be done.