how to Apply Gravity at Run time ..?????????

Hello Frends…
I m developing a game in my game when i click on mouse button then apply Gravity to particular object…

                         please a give me some idea.............

Thanks a lot.

It depends on what are your objects, and what are you trying to do. If the objects are rigidbodies, and you intend to use the standard gravity (Physics.gravity), you can just set rigidbody.useGravity to true/false when needed. On the other hand, if you need a different gravity orientation or value, let useGravity = false and apply a force at FixedUpdate when enabled by the click:

var localGravity: Vector3 = 9.8 * Vector3.up; // inverted gravity
var gravityOn: boolean = false;

function OnMouseDown(){
    gravityOn = !gravityOn; // toggle the gravity when clicked

function FixedUpdate(){
    if (gravityOn) rigidbody.AddForce(localGravity);

You need to attach a rigidbody. Make sure it has gravity enabled.